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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 1, 2011 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. we have got less than an hour left in 2010. while the people are partying cops are issuing citations where people have already been busted. celebrating the winning bid that nearly wasn't. san francisco is getting the
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america's cup race. more money to ride the train. less trouble for being caught with pot. going to tell you about a few of the changes that will be in effect when the clock strikes midnight. >> good evening i'm grace lee. >> i'm robert lyles. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." noise makers just part of the scene in san francisco tonight where in less than an hour we will ring in the new year. playboy bunnies in a dance-a- thon. joe vazquez is on market street. you got the best assignment tonight, huh? >> reporter: a lot going on. market street headed down toward the embarkadaro for the fireworks at midnight. the crowd here has been cold but they think the new year is
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going to be decidedly sunny. >> happy new year. >> 2011 i anticipate we are going to have a good year though. do i think that we are going to -- i think the recession is going to change. our economy is going to be better. and you have a lot of happy people out. >> reporter: away from the fireworks there are also hundreds of parties across the bay area. the district has transformed. a couple of playboy playmates are leading a dance party marathon. they started 8:00 p.m. tonight and will go to 8:00 p.m. saturday night. a 24-hour period. >> i'm just looking forward to -- >> a man. >> a new chance. a man. >> maybe put a ring on it. i don't know. >> i'm just looking -- the feeling right now is a really great time for a resurgence of
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everything, art, culture, fun, an people letting go a little bit. we are coming out of the depression and this is the year for hope. >> magical kids from a magical man. >> get me into law school. >> that's what you're focused on? >> right. >> what about at mid-night what's your hope? >> hanging out with my boyfriend sharing a midnight kiss. >> it is get for the economy. we want everybody to be happy. >> healthy. >> everybody to be healthy. >> and a better coach for the 49ers and get rid of alex smith. >> two no brainers there. what about at midnight itself what do you hope? >> that we are safe. >> to be awake. >> happy and awake. there you go. >> the young lovers were talking about i hope i get a kiss and you're going i hope i'm awake. >> well that's what 20 years does. >> yes. you know what, my hope is my wife is already asleep because
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how am i going to explain this playboy business. i'll get my new year's kiss tomorrow. i hope. >> that's what happens when you volunteer. interview playboy bunnies. >> it is a tough job and sometimes you get a difficult assignment. i'm up for it. >> way to end the year. >> thank you. talking about all the revelery. police are out in force tonight looking for drunk drivers. this dui check point at 8th and fulsome street was one of many. saturation pat patrol patrols. extra service on some lines. b.a.r.t will extend its service until 3:00 a.m. and cal train will add four extra trains fro 12:: trains.
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lawrence, really, rain at midnight? >> can you believe that? yes, that's really unfortunate timing but the cold front now beginning to slide through the bay area and it is bringing with that rain a lot of it showing up in parts of the north bay pretty impressive. modest to heavier amounts of rainfall in and around the santa rosa area. stretching further to the south taking a little bit longer but right about mid-night you'll see more rain on the way. just along the peninsula showers about to make their way onshore. scattered showers. there is a lot more sitting off the coastline. that will be moving on. your new year's forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much, lawrence. a south bay homeowner could face charges for shooting a man he thought was trying to break into his house. right now police are still sorting out the details. it happened along patio drive in san jose early this morning. the homeowner says he woke up when a man was trying to break in through the back door. now, he believed the suspected intruder had a gun and that's
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when the homeowner fired a shotgun. >> he fired his firearm from inside the residence. his residential land line wasn't working neither was his cell phone. >> police cannot confirm whether the wounded man had a gun but we do know he underwent surgery and is expected to survive. the homeowner was questioned by police and then released. it will be up to the district attorney to decide whether he will face any charges. well, the champagne toast at the golden gate yacht club tonight are celebrating more than just the new year. the 2013 america's cup race will take place on san francisco bay. linda yee is in san francisco where the victory was in doubts until nearly the last minute. what happened? >> reporter: robert, it made a lot of people nervous but that's all over now. the america's cup will be in the bay area. that's going to make the champagne taste pretty good right now for members of the
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golden gate yacht club who are celebrating new year's just right now. but the bay area should join in on the toast because the america's cup race will bring a lot of money and a lot of jobs here. >> san francisco. 2013. >> reporter: word filtered out early and on the grounds of the golden gate yacht club the home of the current america's cup trophyfy sailors toasted the moment. >> this is the best new year ever. i have been a member here for 18 years and i just never dreamed this would happen. the last couple weeks has been very nerve wracking because one day it is on, next day it is off. but here we are. can't wait. >> reporter: and members of the club had even more reasons to celebrate new year's eve. >> we are very excited. smart, i think we can probably promise the greatest spectacle in int national sailing. >> reporter: and with that will
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come 1.4billion revenue to san francisco and thousands of jobs. it will be the world series and super bowl all at once and the race will be exciting for everyone. >> sailing truly is accessible to people of all backgrounds and one of the things we are hoping to do is to showcase the bay and to give opportunities for kids and folks of all backgrounds to really enjoy the sport. >> reporter: s san francis co almost lost out. several weeks ago the city's bid hit a stumbling block. the talks came down to the last hour today. >> basically i think san francisco always was here. we needed to clarify a few things at our board meeting on december 14th. it can be deny. people have to have a dialogue. we have to get together and it turned out to be just right. >> so how excited are you? >> very excited. been working on this for 10 years. it is finally here. and i'm looking forward to 2011. which is another hour. we will be starting to do the
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world match racing tour starting in july with a small 45 catermeranssans. >> they will do what's called a round up. they will circle, jockey for preferred position and then they will scream up toward the golden git bridge. it is going to be one of the most magical moments that highlights the greatest. >> a lot is said about how the bay is that natural ampy theater because you can see the water right off here is deep. they will be having those races and people can stand here, robert, and watch it up close. get ready for three years of partying now. >> and with $1 billion expected to roll into the area i think that's why everyone is smiling. >> oh, yes. >> linda yee in san francisco. thanks so much. the new year will bring higher fares to cal train riders. a 25 cents per zone hike kicks
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in tomorrow. a one-way ticket from san jose to san francisco will go up from $7.75 to $8.50. this is in spite of cal train's ridership gains. also in the new year cal train plans to add three baby bullet express trains to its weekend service on a trial basis. and a traffic ticket in california going to cost you more in 2011. starting tomorrow the state will add a $4 surcharge to every traffic ticket. the fee will pay for emergency air transport services. the increase is the latest in a string of higher fines for parking and traffic violations. the new year brings in a state law that aims to crackdown on truancy. if kids don't show up to class, their parents might end up behind bars. >> reporter: kids and their parents are sliding into the
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new year at the avation museum. a year that introduces a new state law on truean truancy. many parents we talked to here said they didn't know that they could be fined $2000 and spend up to a year in jail if their kids attendance doesn't improve after state support and counselling. some say the law is too strict like a mother of this student. >> i know wasn't my daughter to spend time with people who are going to school and i want her to grow up in a world where everybody is educated but it is a step that feels too heavy handed to me. but i can't really explain why. >> reporter: students are considered habit wall truence if they miss school during the year. pushing for tougher penalties for students who miss more days. she says reducing dropout rates and true ensy help bring down crime. father of a preschooler
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believes the new law will enforce the value of education. >> we missed i think three days in four years and i consider that to be significant enough. so i think missing -- what did you say 10% in one year i think is beyond accessibility. >> reporter: but some parents say the penalties don't take into account the needs of special education children or family time. macy taylor took her son out of school for a week for a hawaiian vacation. >> i don't believe in the fine as long as we are given some kind of homework package to make sure the children are still couping up with their schoolwork. >> reporter: whatever the grades from these parents the true ensy measure becomes law january 1st. sharon chin, cbs5. once a felony. tomorrow won't get you to a holding cell. the new law on weed here in the golden state. >> they have got snowy conditions in the east. we have got rain in the west. the country's midsection got a
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weather what will op wallop today. research showing obesity starts very early. ,,,,
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today, we gather to recognize the selfless decision of one of the most influential women of our time. the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed. here today to honor rachel is the family whose lives she spared.
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to >> four, three, two, one. it is already 2011 on the east coast. this was the crystal ball drop earlier tonight in new york's times square. a million people are estimatedded to have packed into the square to ring in the new year. security was extra tight tonight since this was the first new year's eve celebration since the failed car bomb plot last may that hash the potential to kill hundreds. tonight it was cold. in the 40s. but there was no snow. >> prop 19 may have gone up in smoke but there will still be a legal change for marijuana here in california. starting tomorrow california residents caught with less than an hundreds of marijuana will
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not be arrested. they will instead be written a ticket and ordered to pay a $100 fine. the law reduces the penalty from a misdemeanor to an infraction. same level of punishment as a speeding ticket. >> this is the first time in 35 years that we have had a reduction in penalties for marijuana in california for anything other than medical. >> while the penalties will be lighter for simple possession the consequences stay the same if you choose to smoke and drive. the court treats it like driving under the influence of alcohol. violent storms whipped through the midwest killing at least six people. three people died when a tornado touched down in cincinnati, arkansas. today dozens more were hurt. the twister reduced several homes to rubble. cincinnati is a small town with only about 100 people. nearly everyone is affected by the storm. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. this was my hometown.
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i grew up here. everything's gone. it is all gone. there's nothing left. it is really sad and devastating. >> two people were killed by a twister in missouri. forecasters warned the storm system is so massive it could affect people in northern illinois all the way down to the gulf of mexico tonight. no twisters here but we are certainly dealing with some cold temperatures and lawrence tells us there is rain out there already. >> at midnight. >> yup, right at midnight. beginning to see more showers. cold front just now beginning to make landfall. high testify -- high high def doppler. cold front moving onshore. san francisco looking at light showers there. but more off the coastline. not a whole lot so far in
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toward san jose just some scatter showers but plenty more off the coastline and cold front moving in right about midnight. there it is. so the cold front will be moving on shore for tonight keeping things wet overnight tonight and probably in toward tomorrow morning. temperatures outside pretty chilly in spots. 43 right now in livermore. 48 in san jose. looks like it is fairly unsettled as we head into the weekend. camped out along the coastline and that low sweeps in so we will see showers overnight tonight. more rain on saturday but more widely scattered around the bay area. tonight midnight seeing showers showing up overnight tonight that continue to spread overhead and will keep things a bit on the wet side for the first day of 2011 and looking out for that first week in 2011 too we have got i think some better weather ahead things drying out just a bit and we can use a break interest all the stormy weather. monday looking at partly cloudy skies. tuesday and wednesday the big concern will be some of that
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toolly fog showing up. tonight, unfortunately it will be wet. be very careful all around the bay area. >> what a way to end 2010. >> i don't think you've got good news for folks who wanted to be outside. >> what did you say, blame you? >> they always do. doesn't matter. >> thank you, lawrence. >> okay. there is a new number 1 among people searching the internet but you probably already know that. >> we will tell you about the site have you been visiting more than google. another milestone for facebook. for the firs,,,,
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time, it has surpassed google as the most visited website in the another milestone for facebook. for the first time it has surpassed google as the most visited website in theunited states. 9% of all visits between january and november of this year. google was second with just over 7% of all visits. in just six years facebook has become the world's largest web social network with half a
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billion users worldwide. get this. childhood obesity can start before most babies start eating solid food. researchers found that one third of 9-month-olds are obese or overweight as are 34% of 2 year olds. the study was published. being overweight at 9 months researchers say sets the stage for weight problems as early as 2 years old. check your tickets. you could be a winner in tonight's mega millions drawing. ticket sales were brisk before tonight's drawing and that boosted the top prize to an unbelievable $242 million. it has gotten so high because the jackpot has gone without a winner for 14 consecutive drawings. here we go with the winning numbers. they are 10, 12, 13, 35, 56 and mega number is 9. did you win?
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send a little money my way. >> either way the chances of winning this jack pot are huge. it is one in 175 million. mega millions is played in 41 states and the district of columbia. gary, what happened? >> i'm looking. >> are those the right numbers. are you sure? i've got my tickets. in case i do win there is though way i can get through the sportscast. >> be your new best friend. >> you guys can pick your price if i do win. 242 million. wow. will the rain impact tomorrow's winter classic? the outcome of today's warriors game was in the hands of steven jackson. you remember him? sports is coming up next. stick around. i've got to check these tickets again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thing.. it all depends on what city you wind up in.. the warriors will be in south ,, party central... sometimes playing on new year's day it is a bad thing. before they hit the beach they played charlotte. chatting it up before the game. stef put on a show for his family friend. warriors led by 6 at the break. 4th quarter now. ellis with a beautiful spin move. two of his game high 25. charlotte got to within 1 and with 8 seconds left getting hugged by the defender so push
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him off and got called for the offensive foul. steven jackson had a chance to win it and he just casually misses the three-pointer at the buzzer. warriors hang on 96-95 winning four of their last five games. chick fillet bowl. south carolina's player knocked out of the game on this hit. anytime you have to put ice on your face not a good thing. florida state quarterback just took a pounder and beating. ponder could not make it through the rest of the half at the half. his backup didn't miss a beat. men's college basketball st. mary's won big over hartford 897-63. san jose lost to uutah state. time now for the new year's eve top 5. number 5. how about daniel and kyle exchanging best wishes. ducks beat the flyers 5-2.
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jordan staal. penguins. lost a shootout. tomorrow's winter classic face- off has been pushed back to 5 p.m. due to the threat of rain. bad news for our early sportscast tomorrow. back to the sun bowl. miami was down 16 and should have just taken a knee because tommy goes right into the wall. he would be okay on the bright side did he have a touchdown catch earlier in the ballgame. number 2. this is when you know that you have got some team chemistry. villanova over the head. tracy mcgrady not enough. 92-75. number 1. back to the ice avalanche forward got hauled down to the ice and look at that. he still gets that one in on former shark. flames win by the count of 3-1. that's it. that's my last sportscast of the year. done. >> we will be right back.
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the news is always on c-b-s 5 dot com. that does it for eyewitness news at 11:00 p.m. david letterman is next. as we leave you tonight we will leave you with images of ne


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